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Data Quality and Compliance Efforts

Company Joins Industry Leaders for Engaging Panel Session at NAFIS Summit in New York

Bobby Koritala
Group Leader and Executive VP of Product Development

Infogix, Inc., a developer of software that helps businesses automate the monitoring and analysis of operational data, will attend the North American Financial Information (NAFIS) Summit 2014 on May 21 in New York City. Hosted by Inside Market Data and Inside Reference Data, the summit will bring together leading industry professionals to discuss challenges and solutions for data integrity in the financial services industry.

“With compliance regulations evolving, it is increasingly important to have proper systems in place to monitor and interpret the high volumes of data collected by financial services companies”

Designed to provide opportunities for executives working in market data, reference data and enterprise data management, the event will engage attendees through the exchange of thought provoking ideas and developments in the industry today. Infogix brings to this event more than 30 years of in-depth knowledge of data controls and their application to financial services customers.

“With compliance regulations evolving, it is increasingly important to have proper systems in place to monitor and interpret the high volumes of data collected by financial services companies,” said Mark Johnston, Product Adoption Manager at Infogix. “Effective data management requires ongoing efforts to make sense of the data and be alerted to any discrepancies for reconciliation—done in real-time, in order to rigorously filter through information as it is being collected. Automation is a big part of these efforts, ensuring that your team doesn’t miss something from manual error or oversight.”

Infogix Chief Product Officer Bobby Koritala will add his expertise to the panel discussion on FSI compliance entitled, “Data quality challenges: how will data management systems address quality in real-time data and for regulatory compliance efforts?” Key points to be addressed on the panel include:

Analyzing data enterprise wide - identifying problems of quality through monitoring business outcomes and end results

What are the latest methods for assessing quality and what tools are currently available?

The problem of "real-time" - how can you integrate new systems into your current architecture to assess the quality of real time or agile data from multiple sources?

How are you ensuring data quality across your current regulatory projects and how is setting the bar for quality higher?

A look to the future - what will be the next step towards better data management and quality?

The panel will take place on Wednesday, May 21 from 12:25 p.m. at the New York Marriott Marquis, located on 1535 Broadway, New York, NY 10036, where the event is being hosted.

About Infogix, Inc.

Infogix is an innovative leader providing data integrity and data analytics solutions to market leaders around the globe. Infogix solutions for data integrity provide an automated, independent and real-time system to ensure the trustworthiness of your data for effective decision-making and analysis. Our customer and operational business analytics allow you to monetize big data while streamlining your processes, reducing expenses and maximizing revenue by providing actionable insight and highly automated value capture.

For more information on Infogix solutions: www.infogix.com.

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