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PCI Compliance Dashboard

Customer-Centric Cloud Company Provides Tools, Expertise and Assistance to Help Organizations Streamline Compliance and Audits

Eric Naiburg
Director of Product Management

INetU, the customer-centric cloud company for business-critical applications, has announced its PCI Compliance Dashboard. The new solution helps clients maintain PCI compliance through simple evaluation and monitoring of their systems, easing the burden of managing compliance so INetU clients can remain focused on growing their businesses.

"It is not surprising that INetU has the ability to meet compliance needs," said Carl Brooks, research analyst, Internet Infrastructure Services, 451 Research. "However, it has taken a strong initiative in automating, productizing and delivering compliance as a consumable service to end customers in a way that may raise the bar for this class of managed infrastructure. It is a necessary response to long term infrastructure commoditization that fits the cloud model very well."

Through its consultative approach, INetU serves as a trusted advisor, working closely with clients to assess and track PCI compliance status for each item in the dashboard, understand any areas of non-compliance and address them as required. The dashboard is located in the INetU Client Center Portal and enables users to upload supporting documentation and report on who made what changes when, making it easy for clients to monitor their compliance status in the same location where they manage the rest of their hosted environment, including monitoring, cloud scaling and security services.  This also provides a record to make audits easier and less time consuming.

"We created this dashboard out of our commitment to helping our clients deliver high performing, secure and compliant solutions," said Eric Naiburg, director of product management, INetU. "By relying on INetU, any organization that accepts credit card transactions, including retailers and financial services companies, can more quickly ensure PCI compliance and manage audits without having to outlay huge capital investments in technology and manpower."

About INetU
INetU, the customer-centric cloud company, combines the reliable, flexible, secure and compliant infrastructure and expertise that businesses worldwide require with industry-leading service and support. Through a consultative design process, worry-free on-boarding, proactive support and continuous business planning, INetU helps organizations accelerate their business growth and reduce their investment in managing their own IT infrastructure.

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