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Maximize Network Security

Integrated Security Platform designed to prevent security breaches and provide peace of mind within a monthly subscription plan

Steve King

When a computer virus infected the network at Crouse and Associates in San Francisco, the insurance services company ground to a halt during a weeklong outage — costing a significant amount of time and money to resolve.

The company does not have a large IT staff or a chief information security officer, it can’t afford to employ security experts and it doesn’t have the time or expertise to wade through the complicated Internet security landscape filled with intimidating terminology like “botnets,” “kill-chains,” “application firewalls” and “advanced persistent threats.”

 So the busy company left it all up to global technology solutions provider Netswitch and its innovative MADROC® Integrated Security Platform that maximizes network security for more than 2,500 global businesses, large and small. MADROC® provides complete intrusion detection and prevention along with event management and immediate alerting and remediation — complete peace of mind within a monthly subscription plan.

“We chose MADROC® to ensure that our network will be secure and that we are protected from similar attacks in the future,” said Pam Quilici, executive vice president of Crouse and Associates. “Netswitch has been a trusted supplier of IT services for years. We love the way the MADROC® service is designed and we know we can always count on Netswitch for the smartest and most professionally responsive support.”

The future is very clear: Cyber-crime is growing rapidly and as security gets better, the criminals get smarter. To respond to this real problem, Netswitch has revolutionized the way IT security is delivered — controlling and monitoring a heterogeneous mix of IT technology from top to bottom at every touch point. A MADROC® subscription includes all engineering, configuration, tuning, licenses and maintenance, along with a dedicated Security Operations Control Center providing support around the clock, with 15 minute response and immediate remediation.

As Netswitch ramps up its MADROC® network to include Asia Pacific and Australia/New Zealand, the company has appointed to its board Ken Chrisman, the lead board member at the Doctors Company and former chief technology officer for both Wells Fargo and American Express.

Chrisman’s appointment adds expertise and connections in a number of areas to Netswitch’s board. In addition to his experience and credibility in building information technology systems in banking, credit card processing and health care — Chrisman’s current position with the Doctors Company will provide crucial insight into security issues related to medical patient records.

“Netswitch is applying technology to important security and social issues that I care deeply about,” said Chrisman. “This is an important opportunity to use technology to protect personal information and doctor/patient confidentiality. I believe MADROC® is poised to revolutionize the personal information security space with enhanced security protection through advanced behavioral analytics while leveraging the cloud to manage the massive data being generated by doctor and patient record keeping systems. I’m thrilled to be joining the Netswitch Board.”

Chrisman will join Steve King, another board member who is also the COO and investor in Netswitch and the creator of MADROC®. The Carmel Valley resident has an impressive resume as an entrepreneur (he also founded ManagedPay, acquired by IBM, and the Cambridge Systems Group, acquired by Computer Associates, and as an executive he ran Blackhawk Systems Group and Endymion Systems among other roles at large companies).

King says that Chrisman’s addition to the board will help Netswitch continue not only to build out MADROC® for health care providers, credit card processors and banking organizations — speeding up the pace of innovation in an area that has been traditionally slow — but also to help MADROC® expand to “adjacent” verticals where its solutions will also be applicable. “Security-as-a-service and the cloud technology behind it is impacting every industry,” King said.

For more information go to http://www.netswitch.net/.



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