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File Encryption Comes To Windows 8.1 Tablets

New app will support access to Brainloop Dox; enables clients to use secure software on tablets

Bernhard Woebker

Brainloop, the leading provider of software solutions for enterprise-wide exchange of and collaboration on confidential information, has announced it has partnered with Microsoft to develop an application for Windows 8.1. The application will enable Brainloop clients to seamlessly access its Brainloop Dox security software from a variety of devices running on the operating system, including PCs, laptops and Surface tablets.

The Brainloop Dox application will be available for download from the Microsoft App Store starting in September 2014.

“By developing an app for Windows 8.1, we’re strategically making Brainloop security solutions available on a wide range of portable devices, which is critical in the ever popular BYOD era,” says Bernhard Woebker, CEO of Brainloop. “This new cooperation with Microsoft further addresses the increasing need for companies to protect confidential information and empower employees to use secure solutions as part of their everyday workflow.”

The app is designed to enable companies to share confidential information in a secure yet convenient way. Brainloop Dox provides a range of security benefits for companies, including file encryption for data stored online and locally; synchronization for mobile access; strong access protection; data hosting in the US or a choice of other countries; and administrator and provider shielding to prevent access by IT staff.

About Brainloop

Founded in 2000, Brainloop, the secure enterprise information company, is the market-leading provider of highly intuitive SaaS solutions that enable our customers to securely manage and collaborate on confidential documents and information, whether inside or outside of their IT environments.

Brainloop's customers comprise numerous Fortune, FTSE and DAX companies across a wide range of sectors, both private and public. They rely on the regulatory and corporate compliance, collaboration and process capabilities of Brainloop, as well its complete portfolio of security solutions and features including full encryption, audit trail, two-factor authentication, and provider and administrator shielding, all with a convenient and easy to use interface.



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