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Sophisticated Cyber Attacks Continue

New Levels of Security Intelligence are Required

Carmine Clementelli
Network Security Product Manager
PFU Systems

“Protecting valuable network data such as account numbers, payment cards information and, in some other cases, credit card information is becoming an increasingly common problem for businesses. Modern security practices must include a preventative approach with technologies that provide discovery and management of all the endpoints on the network in order to prevent access from unwanted intruders, said Carmine Clementelli, Network Security Expert, at PFU Systems.

Moreover when businesses are specifically targeted by increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks like advanced persistent threats (APTs) new levels of security intelligence are required. APT attacks can use a variety of techniques to gain access to a specific target. Cyber attackers, through remotely controlled operations that are disguised in the flow of ordinary network communications are able to carry out activities for long periods of time from outside the network.

This makes it difficult to discover the problem at the exit points of the networks or on the endpoints. Today a multi-layer defense is required, with the combination of solutions that can detect malicious activities not only at the Internet edge but especially inside the company’s networks. These internal network technologies must be able to analyze relationships between multiple communications both from outside and within the network.”

iNetSec Smart Finder’s proven security solutions have been developed by PFU Limited, a Fujitsu Company. Since the release of the iNetSec Smart Finder in Japan, thousands of users have relied upon our technology to secure their internal networks and automate IT security operations.



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