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Encrypted Media Extension Implementation

Set-Top Box Digital Rights Management Easy

Martin Bergenwall
Head of the Mobile Security Division

Digisoft.tv, the specialist middle applications company, and INSIDE Secure, providers of comprehensive embedded security solutions, announced that they have launched a reference Encrypted Media Extension (EME) implementation on Digisoft.tv’s Iris HTML5 OS middleware application.

“Our EME implementation closes the gap in open technology support for media in the browser”

In recent years, powerful platforms for mobile devices and Smart TVs have allowed broadcasters, operators and service providers to develop rich multiscreen media applications using readily available skills and broadly adopted technologies. Similar developments have not been fully possible in set-top box application development. This is due to the closed nature of video playback APIs, particularly for the DRM integration methods. EME is part of a change that ushers in a new open standard.

“The Digisoft Iris platform for STB is built from scratch with full HTML5 support. Right from the start, Digisoft has always supported the use of HTML5 video for playing and controlling media from any OTT broadcast source,” said Fearghal Kelly, Digisoft.tv’s CEO. “The recent addition of Media Source Extensions (MSE) to HTML5 enhances its capability to give the application developer full control over the delivery of video content to the browser. MSE allows operators to optimize video delivery from a content delivery network (CDN) to implement adaptive bit rate support using JavaScript. It also removes the need for native plug-ins to support these capabilities.”

“Our EME implementation closes the gap in open technology support for media in the browser,” said Martin Bergenwall, head of the Mobile Security division at INSIDE Secure. “We are driving ahead in the DRM technology game.”

INSIDE Secure is an established market leader in DRM. The company is the first DRM vendor to provide Microsoft’s PlayReady solution based on EME for the Linux platform. The EME standard provides JavaScript APIs for key retrieval and management in the browser for applications accessing protected content. Existing INSIDE Secure DRM solutions are available on Android, iOS, Blackberry and Linux.

When combined with MPEG-DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) for adaptive bitrate video streaming, these technologies provide a standards-based development platform for multiple devices, including STB. For the first time, service providers have the capability to develop applications with HTML5 and JavaScript, targeting multiple devices, including STBs running Digisoft's Iris platform, without a single change in the underlying platform. The reduction in both capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operating expense (OPEX), together with a much increased development cycle leading to faster time to market, brings the set-top box into the realm of smartphones and tablets, where control over service evolution is back in the hands of the operator.

About Digisoft.tv

Digisoft.tv Ltd is a global provider of hybrid IPTV software ecosystems for MSOs under the Iris Brand. Iris products support common broadcast standards (DVB, ISDB-T, ATSC) enhancing them with HbbTV/HTML 5 to deliver VOD and App Stores. The company also provides educational platforms to support digital learning resources. Our key activities include software provision, managed services and professional services for brands such as Vodafone and Discover Digital, as well as educational apps and sophisticated search platforms. The company is headquartered in Ireland, with sales offices around the world.

About INSIDE Secure

INSIDE Secure (Euronext Paris FR0010291245 – INSD.PA) provides comprehensive embedded security solutions. World-leading companies rely on INSIDE Secure’s mobile security and secure transaction offerings to protect critical assets including connected devices, content, services, identity and transactions. Unmatched security expertise combined with a comprehensive range of IP, semiconductors, software and associated services gives INSIDE Secure customers a single source for advanced solutions and superior investment protection.

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