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AccelOps Recognized as Best Integrated Security

Flint Brenton
President and CEO

AccelOps, Inc., a leader in integrated Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), and performance and availability monitoring for on-premise and cloud-based data centers, was designated the best integrated security and overall most cost-effective offering by analysts Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) in its “EMA Radar for Advanced Performance Analytics (APA) Use Cases” report.

EMA also said that AccelOps was the most “cloud-ready” product and the fastest to deploy. The report provides in-depth analysis of 22 vendors that bring “big data” to IT and business stakeholders, improving business outcomes and IT service management efficiency through cross-domain insights.

APA solutions help IT and service provider organizations achieve greater efficiencies, insights and relevance in their service management. By combining technical performance analytics, business impact management and change impact and capacity planning, EMA found that APA solutions are delivering a rapid return on investment with minimal administrative overhead. In its recent Radar report, EMA provides in-depth evaluation of the APA vendor landscape and detailed assessments of 22 vendors, including AccelOps.

“AccelOps has a centralized monitoring and analytic foundation that supports security and network operations center requirements that placed it squarely ahead of all the other 21 vendors in this APA Radar for integrated security analytics,” said Dennis Drogseth, vice president of Research at Enterprise Management Associates. “The company offers the most automated performance-centric application dependency mapping solution in the industry, combined with a compelling capability to link applications together in a business service and set policies around that service. As the overall most cost-effective offering covered in our report, it’s not surprising that AccelOps is growing quickly in cloud and mid-tier enterprise environments.”

“Being recognized by EMA as the APA leader in integrated security, cloud-readiness and value is a great honor for AccelOps,” said Flint Brenton, AccelOps president and CEO. “Against an IT backdrop in which cloud computing and virtualization are becoming ubiquitous, it no longer makes sense to use complex, single-silo tools to monitor and secure the critical infrastructures and applications on which organizations depend. By automatically analyzing behavior patterns across servers, storage, networks, security, users and applications with AccelOps, all IT and business stakeholders can rapidly detect and resolve problems and adjust to incidents and events as they occur.” 

AccelOps’ software combines next-generation SIEM, performance and availability monitoring and real-time analytics that deliver a unified, “single pane of glass” view of all on-premise and cloud resources: servers, storage, network, security, virtualization, users and applications. AccelOps is built from the ground up to eliminate silos and deliver a fully integrated and continuously learning IT management solution that is significantly faster and easier to deploy than IT Operations Management point-solution alternatives. It dynamically discovers IT resources and adapts to changing conditions in real-time. AccelOps helps security, network and operations experts be more effective and proactive by automating complex decisions in real-time and providing rich historical analytics. 

AccelOps provides a new generation of integrated security, performance and availability monitoring software for today’s dynamic, virtualized data centers. Based on patented distributed real-time analytics technology, AccelOps automatically analyzes and makes sense of behavior patterns spanning server, storage, network, security, users, and applications to rapidly detect and resolve problems. AccelOps works across traditional data centers, as well as private and hybrid clouds. The software-only application runs on a VMware ESX or ESXi virtual appliance and scales seamlessly by adding additional VMs to a cluster. Its unmatched delivery of real-time, proactive security and operational intelligence allows organizations to be more responsive and competitive as they expand the IT capabilities that underpin their business.


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