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Reach Thousands of IT Security Professionals Daily

Security-Daily is the ultimate gateway to professionals who need to protect their business from costly security breaches, data losses, fraudulent transactions and a myriad of cyber attacks.

Security-Daily is read by a diverse group of practitioners representing a range of corporate responsibilities in management, accounting, and information technology.

These decision-making, managers are actively seeking solutions to their security challenges. Helping these key executives understand what you have to offer and how it can positively impact their strategy is key.

Being the only online publication devoted exclusively to security as it relates to the enterprise, regulation and compliance our readers get a global view of the current environment. We help our readers develop a practical approach to implementing their own strategies with commentary and analysis along with product and service announcements.

Don't waste your advertising dollars with untargeted media. Put your budget to work and reach corporate managers as they address their current security needs.

Points to Remember:
  • Targeted market -- your products and services gain unequaled visibility to this very valuable customer.
  • Your message reaches these executives as they begin to develop and execute an ongoing strategy
  • Qualified readers help establish an excellent lead flow.
  • Security-Daily is written as a reference to be used again and again.

Reach the world's largest concentration of security practitioners as they actively look to protect their business in today’s threat environment.

Newsletter Sponsorships are a perfect way to keep your brand in front of this valuable audience.

The Security-Daily Opt-in Email List, is comprised of active subscribers to Security-Daily‘s weekly newsletter.

Additionally, our Custom Reprint Service will reproduce any copyrighted article for print or electronic distribution.

We don't accept Display Advertising because it is a distraction to our readers.

For Marketing Inquiries:

Patti Martin
Managing Editor
119 Rockland Center, #214
Nanuet, NY 10954
732-282-0040 Tel
866-308-6802 Fax


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