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No Money for Security in 30% of the Enterprises
Websense, Inc. has just released new Canadian-specific findings from the Ponemon Institute survey, "Roadblocks, Refresh, and Raising the Human Security IQ," which uncovered the communication challenges between IT security professionals and executives, a desire to overhaul current security systems and limited security knowledge among executives and employees.
Larry Ponemon
Chairman and Founder
Ponemon Institute

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Security : Cyber Attacks :  
> Core Security Helps Customers Protect Critical Business Assets at Risk
> Next Generation Norton Products Go Beyond Antivirus
> Pinpoint Targeted Attacks
> What Has PlayDrone Exposed ?
> Core Security Adds Axxum Technologies to Partner Program
> 60% of Organizations Believe They Can't Stop Data Theft
> First Government Approved Phishing Service for the Public Sector
> We Have A New Man In The Middle
> Google Email Encryption
> Philip Lieberman's and James Cole's Remarks on GameOver Zeus
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Security : Cyber Attacks : Advanced Persistant Threat
> Pravail Earns Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level 2
> Thousands of Previously Unknown Cyber Threats from the Middle East
> TaaSera Launches NetTrust 2.0
> 2014 Most Volumetric DDoS Attacks Ever
> Arbor Networks Wins Gold for Best Overall IT Company
> Privilege Management Provides Defense Against Land-and-Expand Cyber Attacks
Security : Cyber Attacks : Breach
> Expand the Operational Value of Threat Indicators and Intelligence
> Benefiting Wounded Veterans at Black Hat USA
> Maximize Network Security
Security : Cyber Attacks : PCI DSS
> Improving Critical Cybersecurity Infrastructure
> Comprehensive Support for PCI DSS 3.0 in Tripwire Enterprise
Security : Cyber Attacks : Physical Risks
> Secure Configuration Management
> AIG Expands Cyber Coverage
Security : Cyber Attacks : Survey
> 25% of Breaches Go Undetected for More Than 24 Hours
> U.S. Retailers Overconfident in Cybersecurity Controls
> U.S Retailers Overconfident in Cybersecurity Controls
Security : Cyber Attacks : War Games
> Deloitte’s Cyber Threat War-Gaming Services Help C-Suite
Security : Cyber Attacks : eLearning
> Five Security Tips to Prevent Cyber Attacks

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